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Dr. Knight is known for her personal quote. “You Can Do It, said who God said, but you have to start today.” (Dr. Jacqueline L. Knight)

Dr. Knight can best be described as an Educator, Author, Motivational Speaker, Certified Executive Leadership Coach, Mentor, and Entrepreneur.

Dr. Knight graduated with a Doctoral Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, from Argosy University, Nashville, TN; a Master of Science Degree in Leadership Management from Thomas Edison State University, Trenton, NJ; a Bachelor’s of Science in Public Management from Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN, and a International Business Certificate of Completion from Cochise College, Tucson, Arizona. She also has certificate’s of completion in Life Professional Coaching, Master Business Coaching, and Executive Leadership Coaching from Fowler International Academy. Her dissertation was on “A Study of Military Personnel’s Preparation for Transition from Military to Civilian Life.”

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Certified John Maxwell Team Member

As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker, I can offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, aiding your professional growth through study and practical application of John’s proven leadership methods. Working together, I will move you and/or your team or organization in the desired direction to reach your goals.

I’m looking forward to assisting you on your journey to become a successful leader!


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Breaking Free of Your Breakup:  How to Live Again

Learn why releasing the pain of the past is so difficult. You’ll learn strategies to make letting go easier.

The Power To Overcoming Obstacles
This course equips you with the tools to use overwhelming force against your challenges, so you can conquer them and reach your goals.
Finally, A Success Strategy That Works: Train Your Brain To Win Course
Create your ideal lifestyle and the mindset, beliefs, and habits that support it.
Becoming Authentic: The Journey To Your TrueSelf Course

Discover new joys as you learn to let go of living the way that others think you should and, instead, live your life as the real YOU.

Who Is Dr. Knight?

From combat to the classroom, this charismatic author has taken her personal struggles and turned them into reality by sharing moments of her childhood and life through her gift of writing.

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A business woman who definitely takes risk. She is willing to put her career and financial security on the line and take risks in the name of an idea, spending time, as well as capital on an uncertain venture.

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Dr. Knight definitely knows how to move a crowd. She has proven that with her motivational quote known as “You Can Do It, Says Who, God Said, but You Have to Start Today.” ~ Dr. Jacqueline L. Knight.

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In this environment of changing technology and evolving organizations, coaching has a strategic and personal impact. It provides continuous learning and develops people to meet current and future needs.

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The Core Values Index™

The Core Values Index™ (CVI) is a revolutionary human assessment, used by thousands of companies, organizations, and groups around the world. It provides a description of the innate, unchanging nature of an individual, which is different from personality and behavioral based assessments. This unique instrument takes ten minutes or less to complete, and provides a highly accurate and reliable picture of the core motivational drivers of any person, with an instant report, online. The CVI is the most accurate and most complete of any assessment of its type with a 97% repeatability rate and reliable applicability.

You Can Do It, said who, God said, but you have to start today.”

(Dr. Jacqueline L. Knight)


Every leader desires to be connected with other leaders that will push them to maximize their potential and push them beyond the normal status quo standards. When I think about her commitment to embrace others and see them succeed, it is when one realizes she is a true gift. Dr. Knight knows no boundaries, and is one that leads by example. It is through her self-discipline that she continues to break glass ceilings through her own personal motto, “You Can Do It!” Her enthusiasm is contagious, leaving everyone else to believe that they can do it too.
Dr. Angella Banks
Xcellence, Inc. Founder, President & CEO
I met Jackie as a fellow member of the leadership team for Xcellence, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping small business and encouraging youth to achieve their potential. She is conscientious when working on tasks to do them in detail and will follow through to see that they get done right. I know Jackie to be a person who truly cares about people.
Maria Luchsinger
Career Transformation Coach and Author
Dr. Jacqueline Knight is a close colleague and friend whom I have worked on several projects since 2011. First through a non-profit organization called Xcellence, Inc, where we developed the “Book my Future Scholarship” as well as the “Leadership Guide Manual”. Second, through the University of Phoenix. I have received the opportunity to observe Dr. Knight in classroom and faculty workshop settings. Dr. Knight is loyal and committed to her students, her colleagues, and her career. Dr. Knight is a professional scholar, who places her skills, knowledge, and her heart into everything aspect of her work.
Dr. Monica Dunnagan
Organizational Psychologist

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