You Can Do It – Hardcover


You Can Do It: The Road To Success Starts Here written by Dr. Jacqueline L. Knight

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In the world that we live in today, it’s hard to find people who have tough skin to stay the course and overcome the obstacles that enter their lives. Their situations or circumstances outweigh their ability to be vigilant and battle the demons they may encounter along their path. I can attest that staying the course is challenging—mentally, physically, and spiritually. Each one of us share a different story and life may affect us in a similar manner; nevertheless, our minds are a battlefield in which we strive daily to overcome various obstacles. Trust me when I say that obstacles are common. They may be in your home, at your workplace, in your church, with your children, in your marriage, and even your health. These are often referred to as a test, not a pass or fail, but the test in your testimony.

I thank God for allowing me to be his vessel and to share this book with each of you. I thank God for allowing you to become aware of yourself as you complete the study guide.

My prayers from the reading of this book on your life:
I pray that it will make you become aware of ideas and thoughts you never knew possible,
I pray it will touch heart and soul,
I pray that it will become a healing,
I pray that it will open your eyes to new ideas,
I pray that it will help you to overcome obstacles,
I pray that it will enable you to find a deeper appreciation of life,
I pray it will strengthen your love for yourself and others,
I pray you have courage today and each day forward,
I pray that it will awaken you from the depth of despair,
I pray that you can shout it out for the world to hear…



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