Meet the Author

Dr. Jacqueline L. Knight can best be described as a woman of God.  With her passion, she believes that through her ministry of working and helping others, she will receive her own blessing from God.   She believes in meeting people right where they are and encouraging them that regardless of their situation, they can cross the finish line.

Dr. Knight’s motto for serving others “I can never become what I ought to be until you become who you need to be.” (Dr. Martin Luther King).   She is known for her personal quote. “You Can Do It, said who God said, but you have to start today.” (Dr. Jacqueline L. Knight).

As an Educator, Author, Motivational Speaker, Certified Executive Leadership Coach, Mentor, and Entrepreneur, Dr. Knight’s vision is to encourage, empower, rebuild and motivate people from all aspects of life and age groups with hope, awareness, strength, motivation and determination to prevail in life.

Dr. Knight’s believes we live in a time where transparency and resiliency is needed and is 100% dedicated to assisting her clients with seeking out the opportunities that will realign their mindset and enable them to make better decisions.

As an advocate for second chances and reducing the rate of recidivism, Dr. Knight thrives on new challenges and believes that dreams can turn into reality if you keep pushing towards the finish line.  She wants everyone to know that thru perseverance “You Can Make It” and “You Can Do It” with prayer, believing in yourself, hope, and someone believing in you.

“You Can Do It, said who, God said, but you have to start today.”  Dr. Jacqueline L. Knight

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